How to get the right people?

  • Recruitment policies and procedures that are fair, transparent, understood and compliant with current employment law
  • Effective interviewing skills - for example, use of behavioural interviewing
  • Induction - supporting people as they settle into the organisation and begin to understand your values and expected behaviour

How to keep the right people?

  • Managing performance - making sure you recognise excellence and don't ignore poor performance
  • Making appraisal work properly - it should not be an annual paper exercise but a real way to engage people in the business of the organisation
  • Finding ways to unlock people's potential - job enrichment when promotion prospects are limited by the size of the organisation

How to reward people adequately?

  • Salaries need to be 'reasonable' and compare favourably with similar organisations
  • Value-based and not-for-profit organisations are not usually in a position to pay high salaries
  • You may need to think of non-salary elements of reward - learning and development, job satisfaction, engagement in a 'good cause'

How we can help:

Staff Handbooks

We write, review and produce Staff Handbooks and HR Manuals with the range of people management policies and procedures you need so that people flourish in your workplace.  Employment legislation changes from year to year and you need support in ensuring your policies are legally compliant and follow good practice guidelines.  We have developed our own systems of providing you with an on-line web-based Staff Handbook that you and your employees can access securely.

Salary Reviews

We have conducted salary reviews for a variety of clients.  We use simple, low cost methods of job evaluation and have developed dynamic Excel spreadsheets so you can compare your staff salaries to those paid in comparative organisations.  Then we recommend salary scales and can help you write your Reward Policy to both attract and retain good people who will really add value to your business.

Appraisal Workshops

Appraisal procedures and systems seldom deliver as expected.  We facilitate workshops with managers and staff so they understand the appraisal process, how to give feedback effectively and how to turn a paper exercise into something that makes a real difference in the workplace.  We can also help if you are thinking of introducing 360 degree appraisals - see our How to... guide for a brief introduction.

Contact 3D HR to discuss where and how we can support you in development of appropriate policies, procedures and training.


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