• Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Management Team Roles Indicator learning workshops
  • Using TetraMap to discover more about yourself and others
  • Strategic direction and review discussions
  • The various ways we have facilitated team meetings and workshops are described here.


    TetraMap ® is a quick, intuitive and interactive way of discovering more about yourself and those you work with.  It helps to explain why you get on better with some people compared to others, and how you can better approach and communicate with colleagues who may see the world very differently.  To learn more, see our How to... guide.

    Strategy Review

    We have worked with various organisations to support their Strategy Review process - at Board, Senior Management and team level - using interactive processes, on-line employee engagement surveys and drawing on the use of appreciative inquiry when appropriate.  See our How to... guide on Appreciative Inquiry for more on an effective, simple approach.

    Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures

    Disciplinary and grievance issues occur in almost all organisations from time to time.  3D HR as an external facilitator can help you follow Codes of good practice, conduct fair investigations and produce clear reports on which to make reasonable and defendable decisions.  We can also review your disciplinary and grievance policies and procedures and help to train your line managers and employees in their use.

    Action Learning

    Action Learning is a simple and powerful concept of learning from real workplace problems.  Developed since the 1940s, Action Learning sets meet regularly every month or six weeks to discuss problems in a confidential and structured setting.  We have written an introduction to Action Learning which includes references to further reading, some of which is available through the 3D Bookstore.  An external facilitator enables all set members to participate fully and reinforce the group learning.

    Contact us to discuss how Action Learning could benefit you and your organisation.

    Myers Briggs Type Indicator

    Myers Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI® can be very helpful for team members to understand and appreciate their diversity.  We have written a brief introduction to MBTI and Type Theory.  As a qualified administrator for the Myers Briggs questionnaire, 3D HR has worked with various teams in organisations to achieve more effective collaboration and team-working.

    The Management Team Roles Indicator or MTR-i ™ is a development of the MBTI and is similar to the Belbin profile.  The MTR-i indicates the roles performed by the various team members.  It highlights the potential strengths and weaknesses within the team.  The Ideal Team Profile Questionnaire can be used as a form of 360 degree appraisal of a team in giving feedback of what other stakeholders expect the team to do.

    Contact us for more information and discuss how this could be useful in your organisation.


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