If you have tried other tools for team-building and how to improve collaboration, we think you will be pleasantly surprised by TetraMap®.  TetraMap is a quick, simple way of finding out about yourself and your team members - how you behave and act differently, how you can draw on people's varying strengths and how you can reduce unhelpful conflict in the team.

TetraMap draws on the images or metaphors within nature:-

  • Earth, like a mountain, is firm
  • Air, like the wind, is clear
  • Water, like a lake, is calm
  • Fire, like the sun, is bright

We each have an order or rank of preferences, although we each have and use the four elements.  We just tend to use one or two more than the others, most of the time.

The four elements can be mapped as a TetraMap and portrayed as a tetrahedron, a four-sided pyramid.  The tetrahedron is one of the strongest 3-D objects.  It has no one dominant face.  Each face touches the other three faces - they are all inter-connected.  There are no faces that are directly opposite another.  {3D HR uses the tetrahedron as our logo for similar reasons.}

When we exhibit a preference for one element, that's the 'face' other people see.  They may glimpse two other faces or elements and one tends to be hidden, beneath us.  It's still there, just not very obvious.


In general and in varying ways, people show their elemental preferences in how they behave and what they pay attention to:-

  •  Earth - appreciate facts and tend to be decisive
  • Air - appreciate logic and tend to be orderly
  • Water - appreciate feelings and tend to be considerate
  • Fire - appreciate possibilities and tend to be spontaneous

If you know your own preferences - your own nature - and can discover the nature of others, team-working is much more likely to be effective, productive and harmonious.

Peter Kenworthy is a Certified TetraMap Facilitator.  Contact us to find out how we can facilitate a TetraMap session with your team and within your organisation.

TetraMap® is a registered trademark of TetraMap International, see www.tetramap.com

Click on the video below for more information about TetraMap.

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